Innovation through integrated optical, mechanical, electronical, spectroscopic design, engineering and fabrication.

Custom Astronomical Projects:

Custom prescribed solar telescopes

Custom wavelength solar filters

Night time telescopes

4 position Filter wheel with dual axis motion

"Doppler shift" dual bandpass Imaging Solar Telescope

Photon sieve solar telescope

Space/Vacuum-rated solar filters

High Resolution Night sky survey

Custom Non-Spherically Aberrated Focal reducer

Lyot filter rebuild and elecronic heater modernization

Closed circuit video monitoring and archive system with web interface.

High resolution Custom One-off .4Å bandpass Spectrohelioscope and polar heliostat mount

Custom Prescribed Telecentric barlows

Custom Fabrication of 4 megapixel 15fps camera with gigabit connection

Live colorization & dynamic range improvement of monochrome solar image

Scripted control of DSLR cameras

Computer server battery backup system

Telescope fork mount PCB control board re-fabrication and re-programming for task specific optimization.

Burn in testing

Baikal Observatory 4 Cavity Filter wheels

NOAA GONG Project Continuous Operation H-alpha bandpass filters.

The High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C) Space-borne solar telescope 2012

Professional Dedicated Solar Telescope installations worldwide

Custom, dual bandpass doppler solar viewer

Custom One-off .4Å bandpass Spectrohelioscope and polar heliostat mount

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