Innovation through integrated optical, mechanical, electronical, spectroscopic design, engineering and fabrication.

Daystar Filters: 
Formed in 1973, Daystar Filters has been the world's academic leader in research grade solar instrumentation.  Superior technology and processes devised originally by then owner, Del Woods are still in use today.

Since its purchase in 2006 by ICSTARS Inc., (formed in 1999) Jen Winter has continued to develop the original Daystar Filters product line through improved interfaces and precision controls.

Formed in 2008, Moonglow Technologies has facilitated electronics, firmware, software and engineering services for Daystar Filters, ICSTARS and the retail market. Founder, Fred Bruenjes' aptitudes in telescope integration include a (among many other acolades) a dedicated comet hunting instrument configuration which yielded Comet C/2012 C2 (Bruenjes) in 2012.

For the project, a Meade LX200GPS mount was reengineered to provide quicker GOTOs in support of a sky survey. A faster microcontroller and control loop on a completely redesigned main PCB enabled higher performance with the older hardware. Compatibility with the LX200 command set was retained in the new in-house scratch written firmware. The firmware program (shown at right) performed automated survey movements to scan areas of the sky specifically not being monitored by other search teams.

Finally, in 2014, Daystar Instruments was formed to combine all capacites and skills of all three teams.  With it come the vast capacities of these existing teams.

Daystar Instruments represents integration in strengths of three major Astronomical firms:

Burn in testing

High Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph with Daystar Filter aboard Space Shuttle Challenger mission STS-51F.

Section of mural scale resolution all sky survey performed by ICSTARS Inc.

Dedicated Comet-hunting telescope Instrumentation used to locate Comet C/2012 C2 (Bruenjes)

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