Innovation through integrated optical, mechanical, electronical, spectroscopic design, engineering and fabrication.

Product Lines:
The following items are in regular, continuous production and available through our associated companies.

Daystar Instruments:

QUARK H alpha Eyepiece

Non Spherically Aberrated Focal Reducer

SR66 H alpha Telescope

SR127 H alpha Telescope

Daystar Filters:

Quantum H alpha Bandpass Filters 0.2Å - 1Å

Quantum Calcium K-Line Bandpass Filters 1 - 5Å

Quantum Calcium H-Line Bandpass Filters 1 - 5Å

Quantum Sodium D-Line Bandpass Filters 0.2Å - 1Å

Quantum Helium D-3
Bandpass Filters 0.2Å - .5Å

ION H alpha Bandpass Filters 0.2Å - 1Å

Solar System Filter Wheel
4-cavity dedicated Solar Bandpass Filters

Custom Bandpass Filters
0.2Å - 1Å

Moonglow Technologies:

All Sky Cam

Interference Eliminator

Eclipse Orchestrator
Burn in testing

Daystar Filters' Quantum Solar bandpass Filter Line.

Moonglow Technologies Eclipse Orchestrator camera driver interface / eclipse timing software

Moonglow Technologies All Sky Camera

Daystar Filters 4-Cavity Solar Filter Wheel

Daystar instruments H-Alpha Eyepiece

Daystar Instruments 127mm H alpha Solar Telescope

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